Sailing in Greece

Cruising in The Greek Ionian and Aegean Islands

The Region

The mythical, sundrenched lands of Greece have always sparked the imagination of travellers. The scattered islands and classical ruins, the pretty villages with their blue domes and whitewashed houses, and the delicious local cuisine all define a simple lifestyle that draws us in to experience the Eastern Mediterranean. Sprinkled with islands, sheltered anchorages and friendly villages - some still in the grasp of past ages - the region beckons the exploring sailor with warm winds and seductive scenery.
2012 Route


The Ionian

Lying to the west of mainland Greece, the Heptanese form a string of green pearls along the eastern shore of the Ionian Sea. Verdant and wooded, studded with promentories sheltering numerous fine anchorages and harbours, these islands afford the cruising yachtsman calm waters and fun daysailing excursions, with lively harbours to visit in the evening complete with an excellent choice of traditional Greek tavernas.

The Aegean

Islands scattered like pebbles on an Azur plate, some large some small, some inhabited others not; almost too numerous to count, these islands vary in character both geological and social, but always maintain the underlying rhythm of Greek life. Here, there are tranquil backwaters where the pace of life is much as it was decades ago, while others swing and dance with the summer tide of visitors. Evidence still remains of great empires and civilisations now passed, their temples and artefacts lending an air of mystery to those once sacred places, now lying abandoned to roving sheep and goats.

Northern Aegean

More "off-the-beaten-track", this region includes the islands of Limnos and Lesvos as well as the Halkidiki peninsulas and the Northern Sporades. On one remote island we followed an icy stream to a series of pools fed by cascading waterfalls. Pergola-shaded streets with shops selling hand-crafted wares, improvisational local dancing, and deserted bays where the sea-bed is carpeted with giant clam shells are only a few of the sights these delightful islands have to offer.

Pretty bay in Corsica

The Cyclades

Named perhaps for the imaginary circle they form around the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades islands lie in the center of the wine-dark seas of the Aegean basin. Inhabited at least since the 7th millenium BC, the ruins of some of the great ancient cultures are particularly evident here. Sights include the island of Santorini, also known as Thera, itself the remains of a volcano that exploded in 1500BC and which reputedly destroyed the Minoan civilization. Mikonos, famed for its artistic community and celebrity inhabitants, also forms a part of these islands and is a good place from which to visit the ruins of ancient Delos.

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